What’s The Downside Of Meeting The Man Of Your Dreams?

Trust me, you really want to know this.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, what planet is he on?

What do you mean, “downside?”

I don’t get it. There is no “downside!”

I just want to meet a new guy and fall in love. How simple is that?

How can there be a “downside?”

Here’s the thing, a whole host of unconscious fears (and a few conscious ones) about the “downside” of meeting that special man could be blocking you from finding love every single time!

There can be a part of us that doesn’t want to lose our freedom, a part of us that just wants to stay single, loves playing the field, loves that buzz, the chase, being chased.

Maybe you only feel good when guys want you.

Maybe getting lots of messages on dating sites makes you feel wanted.

The unconscious reasons why you can’t meet that guy or truly commit or settle down, are usually very compelling and unless you are aware of them they’re going to do a number on you.

I can’t impress on you enough that finding these blocks and letting them go is an essential key to your dating success, and no amount of dating advice will ever find you Mr Right in a shorter time.

Let’s look at some of the most common UNCONSCIOUS blocks to finding that special someone. Do any of these resonate with you?

There’s still an ex in your life who you’re not really over yet.

Are you still hanging on in there hoping that no matter how badly he treated you he’s miraculously going to come to his senses and realise that he can’t possibly live without you?

Maybe you’re sat waiting by the phone that never rings.

Maybe there was a great spark between you, or the best sex you ever had?

Maybe you thought that HE was the one!

Financial issues.

Maybe there’s a jealous ex in the mix and he swore that if you ever went out with any other man, let alone let him move in, he would stop paying his half of the mortgage or any other financial agreement.

Maybe his threats extended to withholding money and affection to the children.

You’re hoping for promotion at work.

Maybe you feel that a new guy will just hold you back from achieving your career aspirations. Maybe your work involves travel. How would a new man cope with that?

Or maybe you want to be free to travel more on your own? Maybe an ex didn’t like to travel and you fear ending up in that situation again.

You really enjoy the company of female friends.

Maybe an ex sulked through his insecurities, playing the jealous card every time you went out with your girlfriends, and you’re unconsciously wondering whether being with another man is worth the hassle?

Maybe you feel deep down that any new man would get in the way of friendships that are important to you that you don’t want to lose. And, of course, a guy wouldn’t understand how important it is for you to go out with the girls at least once a week & more.

Is a health issue holding you back from dating?

Sometimes even minor health or body image issues cause a woman to be anxious about being intimate with a guy. You’ll find practical solutions for this one in the membership area of my website (details below).

Heaven forbid you may have lost a partner through an accident or illness.       

Whilst you feel you’re ready to be with someone else, part of you doesn’t believe that anyone else could ever take his place, and absolutely they couldn’t – things would be very different. But the question is, do you want another man to love?

You have a parent or a child that you feel needs you to be there for them.

Women are the natural nurturers of the world but sometimes the caring role can turn into being the sacrificial lamb for others where your needs or desires are put to one side.

You may even get resentful if your sacrifices are not appreciated or others in the family are not pulling their weight.

You may feel that if a new guy were to come along he wouldn’t understand your need to be there as a carer for family members and that your role would interfere with a new relationship.

He may actually become a wonderful help to you and become part of the family – as happened in the case of a client of mine who leapt in to share the load with his new girlfriend.

Are you a lady with one or two (or more) sons (and no daughters)

At a biological level a woman’s sons are her ‘partners’ and there’s not much room for any other guy as her boys will always come first.

At the extreme, she will drop everything (including a date) when her sons (no matter what age they are) call her up and say they need her.

If this is you, you may come over very protective and get peed off with me saying this.

But I am only speaking in a general way through personal observation working with thousands of ladies over the years and speaking with female friends in this situation.

Do you want to experience that beautiful feeling of being in love again?

Maybe you fear

  • ending up in an abusive relationship again, or
  • being with another insecure guy who is jealous of your every move.

Maybe you feel you don’t deserve love

  • because of something that happened in the past, or
  • because you’ve become addicted to the heartache of the fruitless attempts to find love online – if you’re sick of all the messages from time wasters and plonkers but keep struggling on anyway, maybe you need to look at that one!

Maybe the brutal truth is that you simply don’t feel good enough about yourself.

This is not a good one to be stuck in because it’s really challenging to get what we want if we don’t feel good enough or don’t believe that we deserve it.

Every human being on the planet craves and deserves to be loved and accepted and of course that means YOU!

Have a long hard look for yourself and see if any of the mentioned (or any other) blocks are getting in your way to love.

By letting any of these blocks go you’ll start to put the “law of love attraction” to work FOR YOU!

Whether you believe that you deserve love or not, I am here to tell you that you do!

But sometimes we are trying to wade through stuck energy.

And if you have ANY stuck energy at the physical/mental/emotional/vibrational level, then you are well and truly stuck. Sometimes for good!

Spinsterhood here you come.

I really want to help you bring these walls down so that you can be “free” to attract and meet that new guy, in the shortest possible time without having to listen to any more of the old dating advice.

Look back in your past story and see where this stuff comes from & if you can, “soften” how you feel about it enough so that you can get yourself in that vibrational place where this dating game becomes easy and fun.

Rather than a case of wading through the swamps trying to avoid the alligators, aka plonkers, time wasters & users on the dating sites and offline.

One of my personal issues is about wasting time. I really hate wasting time and because this is so important to me I am NEVER going to waste your time with dating advice.

I’m only going to be sharing hard earned secrets at the vibrational/mental/emotional level so that YOU can get who and what you want in the shortest possible time AND have more fun dating than you ever had before, while feeling better about yourself than you may have ever done.

And the bonus of coming into the 21st century to make changes in how you feel, is that not only will you find your dating much more fun (enjoy it while you can as it may be short lived when you meet that new man).

But ALL your relationships will flow in a way that will pleasantly surprise you, and you will find it so much easier to connect and communicate with ANYONE!

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Bill Tucker x

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