Are Your Trust Issues Getting in The Way Of Love?

So the question is, are YOUR trust issues getting in the way of love?

Trust is one of the 4 main biggies in dating & relationships.

There’s communication, trust, respect & passion, and if either of those are missing then I can guarantee there is a problem in the relationship.

Passion is optional of course as long as both people feel the same way.

Trust is one of our biggest issues in relationships.

 The fear of not being able to trust a fellow human has been in our psyche forever. If our early ancestors suffered a betrayal it could mean death.

Being able to trust another person is never more important than when it comes to your love partner – actual or potential. Most women need to be able to trust their man to feel safe in a relationship.

How can there be communication, respect and passion without trust?

If trust breaks down then there is no honest communication, and if there’s no honest communication, then there’s no trust.

And all it takes to have a potential trust issue is for one guy in your past to have betrayed you.

If betrayal has been a repeat pattern for you, even all the way back to your parents/family/teachers/church etc. then we have a problem Houston!

Just as an exercise, have a look back through your own life.

How many times has someone betrayed your trust?

How many different people have betrayed your trust, especially men?

Maybe you found out your ex was lying to you, or worse, cheating?

Maybe you still hear your mother’s words rattling around in your head:

  • You can’t trust any man!
  • Men will use you, abuse you,
  • Men are only after one thing etc etc.

Have a good look back, because our past story dictates how safe we feel in the present tense to trust anyone let alone be intimate with a new guy!

Is your trust antenna on hyper alert?

Are you always on full alert looking for the minutest negative sign?

  • I don’t like his eyes,
  • I don’t like his smile,
  • I don’t trust this or that about him,
  • I don’t like the sound of his voice.

If this is you, then it’s going to be really challenging to attract and meet a new man because you are ALWAYS going to be able to find any reason NOT to trust ANY guy.

Have a listen to your own self-judgement to check in with how you feel about trust.

Does your self-talk go something like this?

  • I can’t believe I let that guy in,
  • Why didn’t I see that one coming?
  • How could I have been so stupid to trust him?
  • I can’t believe I let him do that to me, it’s just like all the other times, I always attract men who betray my trust etc etc.

Eventually, a subtle, invisible wall goes up and you end up not being able to trust anyone, let alone another man you don’t know.

You are now heading towards spinsterhood.

And I guess you wouldn’t be here if you wanted to be in spinsterhood!

I can promise you that even though you can’t see it, that wall is there between you and the man you’re seeking – energetically and vibrationally – otherwise that guy would have shown up a long time ago.

It’s like trying to get a good WiFi signal through thick walls, you may get some connection now and again but it is very slow and intermittent.

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

Imagine a world where each of us took full responsibility for how we felt at all times. There’d be no blame, no criticism, and no judgement – how awesome would that be?

Utopia, yes!

But whilst we can’t change the whole world for we can’t make other people play the game, no one likes anyone telling them what to do – we can change our world by changing how we feel from the inside out, and lead by example.

The key to attracting a GOOD guy, a guy that you truly deserve, is to acknowledge and honour how you feel and heal those issues dumped on you by people in the past.

If life has knocked the stuffing out of your ability to trust, and whether anyone knows about your past trust issues or not, the problem now is the unconscious energy you’ll be sending out. This is the energy that creates that blocking wall.

You’ll end up losing trust in yourself, and in your own senses when past patterns repeat, and you need to be able to trust your own intuition.

As a woman, you already have stunning intuitive/feeling senses within you.

Those natural warning bells are going to come up anyway because you are a sensitive woman, and you have to feel safe at all times.

Some women would say, “It just doesn’t feel right in my gut,” and, of course, if this is the case you absolutely want to honour those feelings. The last thing you want to do is go out with any man that you don’t feel safe with.

But for the moment, the important thing is to become Aware, then Acknowledge and Heal any past trust/betrayal issues, BEFORE you even start looking for a new man.

Then …

  • you’ll know that you can trust your gut when it’s telling you something’s not right because your intuitive signals will be so much clearer,
  • your “love attraction” signal will be flowing on full power at all times, and..
  • that invisible wall will tumble down so he can appear and you can both connect.

If you are already an “Inside Dater” of you’ll already be on the fast track to clearing the past “stuff” that keeps coming up to the surface and blocking you from meeting that man.

How free would that make you feel – to be back to your natural human state where you can trust your own senses and take small steps in the direction that feels right to you at any particular moment in time.

If you’re in that space where dating seems hard going and you suspect past issues (everyone has them by the way) are holding you back, you’ll find this is a genuine opportunity to let go of your past and stop it eating you up.

I really want to help you get the most benefit that you possibly can and to get you in the place to meet that new man in the easiest way and shortest possible time – that’s why I have invested a ton of my time so that I am able to lead you step by step.

Where becoming an “Inside Dater” is exclusively for women!

You might be wondering, why has a man has set up a site exclusively for women!

Having worked with thousands of men, women, and children over the years, I’ve noticed that most men are much slower to deal with their own stuff than women, and are much more resistant to doing the work to change how they feel.

Usually the men begrudgingly do the work, but for themselves.

Women on the other hand, are more willing to do the work that benefits themselves AND the other people around them.

Women truly are the ones to make the changes in the world!

Of course, you’re biased and agree with this, but I’m simply sharing the truth of my experience. This is why I work specifically with women nowadays.

Life and dating are truly an inside job, and I want you to honour your part in all of this and for having the courage to change how you feel for yourself and for others – even if all you do is read this blog post and check in if any past betrayals are sabotaging your love life now.

Trust is also an inside job, and you can’t feel safe enough to trust yourself and your senses when you’re carrying around all the stories of hurt from the past, feeling as though they are happening in the present tense.

I would love you to connect and let me know the trust issues you’ve been struggling with or are willing (or able) to let go off to reclaim your freedom as a woman.

And again, if you want to take the fast track route where everything is laid out for you. Sharing with YOU all the secrets that I have learned over the last 20 years and more.

I have made everything as easy as possible via Video, Mp3 & written word to lead you to the end result that you really want

The man of your dreams 🙂

I look forward to meeting you on the other side to witness YOUR personal transformation

Take the opportunity at your fingertips to change how you feel about YOU and attract the man of your dreams without wasting any more valuable time.

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I look forward to connecting with you very, very soon.

Bill x

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