It Should Be Easy. Right!

It should be so easy to find one good man in a sea of men!

Why does “dating over forty” have to be so difficult for most women?

Surely not all men are plonkers 😂 (aka incompetent), married or time wasters!

First of all I want to let you know that “it’s not you and it’s not your fault.”

Just had to let you know that 😊

I want to help YOU take the easy route to being arm in arm with the man of your dreams in less time than you ever thought possible.

How can I be so bold to say that? Here’s why …

Along the way, I promise you that, YOU WILL become the fun, confident woman that you have always wanted to be.

No matter what your dating track record looks like!

Over the last 15 years and more I have been successfully helping thousands of women just like yourself resolve a multitude of relationship issues that were sabotaging their relationships (or lack of)!

Before that, I spent a big part of my life trying to understand how relationships worked from the inside out.

My childhood memories perceived family life as sad and painful and I remember crying out as a child that there had to be more to life than this. I just didn’t get it!

Then spending most of my adult life in and out of relationships having to deal with the emotional pain (or not) after each break up.

Seemingly becoming more confused each time after I mistakenly thought that I had worked it out this time.

I don’t want that to happen to you. I know that you deserve more than that. Much more!

But if you are already stuck in this loop, the good news is that I am here to guide you out of this painful maze and in less time than you thought possible. Good or good? Yes?

Who will benefit from this?

If you are a lady in your 40s and over with love in your heart to share and are looking for someone with knowledge & experience to guide you every step of the way.

Whether you want to meet that special one or just to feel better about yourself.

To feel more confident meeting men and more importantly start attracting the good men that you deserve! And of course, to be able to keep them if you want to!

Yes, I know sometimes it can work the other way and meeting a good man can bring up all the fears and insecurities till you end up pushing him away before he leaves you.

Put your hand up if this has been your story 🙋 Time to let this one go?


Who may not benefit (this is not for everyone)

Stuck in the blaming game and don’t want to get out of it?

Any big attitude issues going on. Truly stuck in victim mode.

Sadly none of these are a good fit.

Even though I do help women ease this stuff in my one to one sessions, you may not be able to benefit fully at the moment.

Who IS a good fit to truly benefit the most?

If you are sick of listening to all the old regurgitated dating advice out there.

Tired of seemingly attracting plonkers.

You feel like you are in the dating game without knowing the rules.

You feel judged by other people because their is no guy in your life

You have even judged yourself for being the only one single.

You have had enough of the time wasters and the married men!

Know that you truly deserve the love of a “good” man.

Are excited about changing your love life for the better & as a bonus, changing “all your relationships” for the better from now on.

Will you let me “meet you” where you are now to guide you to where you want to be in weeks rather than years?

Then you are more than welcome 👌

Surely you deserve to share the love in your heart!

And by the way, no matter what mistakes you feel you have made in the past and whether you blame yourself (or not) for what has happened in the past, this is the start of letting all of that stuff go once and for all.

I know what some of the depths of despair feels like … Coming from homeless, jobless, penniless at the end of the road 20 year alcoholic a physical, mental emotional wreck.

Struggling to find a way out of the depression & chronic fatigue for many years.

But the past 25 years in recovery haven’t been wasted!!

I had to quickly learn stuff about me and relationships that I sure as heck didn’t want to as well as having studied with some of the best “relationship” teachers around the world.

Now, having worked successfully for the last 15 years & more helping thousands of women (and men) ease their relationship issues it’s time to focus on helping YOU!

Now I am guessing that you have not been where I have been.

But I have no doubt like most of us you have had the emotional stuffing knocked out of you at some point in your life!

Dating also has a nasty habit of eroding any self worth that you once had. I used to judge myself for having so many “failed” relationships compared to other people.

But now I know without a shadow of a doubt, that every step of that journey has been for a reason.

And a very good one!

I now want to help YOU take the easy route to connecting with that man of your dreams in less time than you ever thought possible

Along the way, YOU WILL become the fun, confident woman that you have always wanted to be.

Will you let me show you the way?

I so look forward to connecting with you very soon

Bill Tucker x