Are you missing out on love because of poor self-worth?

Poor self-worth is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in dating, AND in life. Self worth issues are absolutely massive in society in some way or another but in dating, these issues seem to be right up there in front of your face.

Being able to connect easily and confidently with other people is vital and never more crucial than in dating. It’s really important to diminish any self-worth issues, even before you start attracting your new guy, because the sad fact is, when you don’t value yourself you’re going to end up with the guy you have to put up with rather than the guy you deserve.

The truth is that you were born worthy, 100% worthy, but if you don’t feel that way now, then the stuffing was knocked out of you at some point in your life, or you would still feel worthy.

A woman with any self-worth issues running will attract an insecure guy and an insecure guy can only feel secure when he is putting the woman down.

Women tend to suffer more from self-worth issues than (masculine) men but men tend to suffer more from the insecurity issues. Obviously this can create a big problem in relationships. When a woman is with an insecure man she’s on a hiding to nothing.

He can only feel more secure in himself by trying to make you feel small with constant digs, criticisms, put downs – Ring any bells?

Bottom line. The self-worth issues will block you from meeting the good man you’re looking for.

Here’s what happens when self-worth issues are NOT running the show:

  • you’re much more accepting of yourself
  • you’re in tune with what makes you feel good
  • you treat yourself with much more respect
  • you attract men who are comfortable in their own skin and want to treat you with respect

Energetically, an insecure man would never be able to attract a confident empowered woman. Even if one managed to slip through an energetic gap, his insecurities and jealousy would end up destroying the relationship anyway.

Secure men want to reflect back to their partner the best of who they are, to encourage, praise, be there for them.

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